My Research


1. Endogenous Timing in Contest with Asymmetric Information, Public Choice, 2006, 129, 1-23 (lead article).

2. A Theory of Affirmative Action in College Admissions, Economic Inquiry, 2006, 44, 420-429.

3. Optimal Endogenous Entry in Tournaments, with Jingfeng Lu, Economic Inquiry, forthcoming.

4. The Beauty of "Bigness": on Optimal Design of Multi-Winner Contests, with Jingfeng Lu, Games and Economic Behavior, 2009, 66, 146--161.

5. The Optimal Multiple-Stage Contests, with Jingfeng Lu, Economic Theory, forthcoming (reviewed by Jeff Ely at NAJ Economics 14, 2007).

6. Contests with Pre-Contest Investment, with Jingfeng Lu, Economics Letters, 2009, 103, 142--145.

   Working Papers

1. Litigation, Settlement, and Legal Presumption.

2. A Micro Foundation of Generalized Multi-Prize Contests: A Noisy Ranking Perspective, with Jinfeng Lu.

3. All-Pay Auctions with Cross-Shareholding, with Jingfeng Lu.

4. On Disclosure Policy in Contests with Stochastic Entry, with Qian Jiao and Jingfeng Lu.

5. Incentivizing R&D: Prize or Subsidies?, with Jingfeng Lu and Yuanzhu Lu.

6. Policy Making with Reputation Concerns, with Ming Li.

6. Product Design and R&D Competition with Endogenous Spillover, with Soma Dey.

8. Output-Maximizing Multi-Stage Contests, with Qian Jiao and Jingfeng Lu.

9. Who Benefit from Exclusive Bundling? with Susan Chen.

10. Divesture as a cure for Moral Hazard, with Qingxia Kong and Jingfeng Lu.

   Work in Progress

1. Do Informed Firms Cheat More?

2. Strategic Communication in Procurement Auction, with Tilman Klumpp.

3. How to Motivate Workers, Prize or Subsidies? with Jianpei Li and Jingfeng Lu

4. Devil Needs Advocates: A Signaling Theory of Bureaucracy, with Jingfeng Lu.

5. Split-Award Tort Reform and the Incentive of Settlement.

6. Why do Venture Capitalists Syndicate?